Credit backed by trust

Union works without the need for collateral, credit score, or revealing personal information on a public ledger.

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Credit backed by trust

Trusted by industry leading investors


Union key benefits

You can join union by yourself and be able to just stake or join with the help of 3 friends vouching for you and enjoy all the benefits of Union

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Staking with 1x reward multiplier + additional percentage from utilized stake


Borrow with no collateral from people who vouched for you


Vouch from other people and have them borrow from you pool.

Become your own bank

Become your own bank
  1. 1
    Easily manage who you trust and how much you trust them with.
  2. 2
    See how much they’ve used from your pool
  3. 3
    See when their due date is and adjust their trust as you go along

Your circle of trust

Union is all about trust. Create your own circle of trust where you, your friends and family can borrow funds whenever needed.

Your circle of trust

Check what you can build with Union

Ability to give your smart contracts credit lines and more.

// Get max credit limit
function getCreditLimit(account) {
  return creditLimit
// Borrow up to max credit limit
function borrowMax() {
  const max = getCreditLimit(account)
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